Strange States: Arkansas


Between the Boggy Creek Monster to a biblical Disneyland, check out the strange stuff in Arkansas over at


When You Hear This Sound – Episode 7: Return of the Jedi


Finishing up the Star Wars trilogy and my shortened, post-baby episodes of When You Hear This Sound.  I’ll be back soon with full episodes for your audio enjoyment.

Check out “Return of the Jedi” over at

When You Hear This Sound – Episode 6: The Empire Strikes Back


Continuing the post-baby special series of episodes, here’s The Empire Strikes Back record book.

Return of the Jedi will be available soon…

8 Back-to-School Essentials


This week also saw the reprint of one of my classic mental_floss articles, The Stories Behind 8 Back-to-School Essentials

Strange States: Arizona


The latest entry in my Strange States series at mental_floss is up!

This week, we’re in Arizona.