свадьба в доминикане 2017

Book Review: Monster Massacre


I wrote up a quick review of a comic book compilation over at Top Hat Sasquatch for a group of monster comics.  It was…ok.

10 Weird Crimes That Could Only Happen in Florida


This was a fun one to put together.  It was kind of a spin-off of the Strange State series.  The only downside was there were way too many stories for me to sort through.

Strange States: Colorado


This week we’re headed to the Rockies for a look at Colorado.

Strange States: California


This week we head to California in the Strange States series over at mentalfloss.com.  Read all about a crazy San Francisco man who thought he was the king of the U.S. (and people loved him for it), and another guy who dug a tunnel through a mountain because…well, just because.



Strange States: Arkansas


Between the Boggy Creek Monster to a biblical Disneyland, check out the strange stuff in Arkansas over at mentalfloss.com