Recording Tomorrow

For tonight, this is my writing. Hey, I said every once in a while this is what it would be and that it counts.

Instead of writing, I wound up watching a movie with my daughter (Alpha, your typical, run of the mill Ice Age boy-and-his-wolf story), and then my wife and I talked work outs, finances, plans for the next week or so, and, of course, sharing posts with each other from Instagram, Reddit, Imgur, or Twitter. And they say romance is dead…

I’m excited because tomorrow I’m going to record the narration for my next read-along record book project. I listened to a little bit of The Thing today to think about how I want to do the narration this time. For The Thing, I intentionally tried to sound a bit monotone and serious, because it seemed to fit with the tone of the story. For this next one, I might try to spice it up a little, but it’s still a pretty dark story, so I can’t go too bright and cheery. We’ll see how I feel once I get going.

I thought about mine and my daughter’s Hellboy sequel a little bit tonight, too. I jotted down a few ideas that might help us get started in the outlining phase – mainly just an opening scene that will help introduce the characters and the current situation Ol’ Red and Liz find themselves in. I’d like to start working on that pretty soon.

Well, I think I’m going to close for the night in order to read a little more of that kid’s book I checked out from the library. The book, by the way, is called Forgotten City, by Michael Ford. This story is post-apocalyptic, which my story is not, but I’m hoping it deals with some darker ideas than you’re used to seeing in a typical kid’s book. I did already learn that you can say “smart ass” in a book for “middle grade” kids, so that helps me know where some of my boundaries lie.

Good night for now. Hopefully I’ll have some good news about my recording tomorrow.


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