Little People, Big Hit

I’ve had another good week at with my latest story, “Little People, Big Fun: A Brief History of Fisher-Price Little People”. As of the time of this post, I’m sitting at 72 comments on the story, which is still a little bit behind the 84 I had for my Controversial Candies post, but I’m still not complaining. By the way, Candies did wind up being the #1 story that week it ran, so I’m pretty happy to have reached that level again.

I’m actually working on new story right now that was a request of mental_floss from a pretty big website. I don’t want to say anything more right now, just in case things fall through, but it would be a nice addition to the ol’ resume.

And with that, I’m going to go write another entry in my 100 Novels Project, which I’ve been neglecting since July or August, but am finally making the time to come back to. Check it out when you have a sec.


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