My Brush With Twitter Fame

This week I had another mental_floss story get posted to the web – And They Walked Away: The Stories of 5 Strange Injuries – featuring stories of a woman who sneezed and couldn’t walk for two years, a man who drilled through his head, a guy who almost bit off more than he could chew, an old lumberjack who just about decapitated himself with his own chainsaw, and a baseball player who couldn’t put down the video game controller.

It was a mild success, receiving about 1,200 clicks on the shortened URL that was tweeted out earlier in the week by my editor on the mental_floss Twitter account.

But then, last night, that tweet from earlier in the week got retweeted by none other than 80s heartthrob and first crush of many a young man of Generation X, Alyssa Milano, who is a major fan of mental_floss.

She often sends out links to our stories and, with her nearly-900,000 followers, it’s a huge push for the site. So it was a pretty big deal when she sent out the link to my story.

Within an hour of her tweet, the clicks on the link were doubled. By this morning, they were almost tripled. It’s settled down now, but it was a gaint boost for the story.

I sent out my own tweet once I noticed she had linked to the story:

And she replied with:

It was very cool of her to give the story a shot in the arm and be so happy about making some poor writer’s day.

I’m anxious to see now just how well the story did this week by the time the dust settles. Her endorsement is a big deal, so I’m hoping it did well.

But now, on to next week. Will I get another retweet from an influential Twitter celeb? Only one way to find out…



  1. Olga says:

    Wow, Rob. That is so cool!

  2. That’s very cool. I’ve had brushes with Twitter greatness myself, one with Brent Spiner and another with Stephen J. Cannell. There’s something about having these people acknowledge my presence that makes me feel invincible.

  3. SpaceMonkeyX says:

    CT: I had a brief conversation with Edgar Wright, director of Shaun of the Dead, Hot Fuzz, and Scott Pilgrim. It pretty much made my day…